The Tampa Bay All-Stars program is continuing our winning tradition in competitive cheerleading with our 2017-2018 All-Star cheer programs. Sideline Sports Cheerleading and the Tampa Bay All-Stars are very proud of the accomplishments of each coach and team member over the past twenty-three years.  Last season, we started with One Team and One Dream and we are expanding our teams this year to include Youth, Junior & Senior Full Season Teams and Minis, Youth, Junior & Senior Half Season Teams.

ABOUT  THE  TAMPA BAY ALL-STARS - The Tampa Bay All-Stars performance teams will be comprised of K through 12th grade girls and guys who represent the Tampa Bay area at local, statewide, and national cheerleading competitions; as well as for local sports, and charitable events. From 1986 to present day our staff has been members of one of Florida’s and Tampa’s top competition cheerleading organizations. No other cheer program locally or statewide can combine the excitement of, and the national prominence that Tampa Bay All-Stars have earned.

EVALUATION REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL TEAMS - The requirements for our teams will be based on present day USASF cheerleading standards. We are also looking for individuals with the ability to learn and progress. We will give everyone a fair chance to learn and attempt each of the required elements.

PRACTICES AND FACILITIES - Generally the teams practice two to three times a week, space permitting. As competition time gets closer some additional practices are usually required. All teams practice at our facility.

THE ALL-STAR COACHING STAFF - The All Star coaching staff has several years of cheerleading and gymnastics experience. We enlist help from all of our coaches and offer the latest and most up to date choreography and knowledge. The uniqueness of our coaching staff is the professionalism, cheerleading knowledge, and willingness to work with young adults.

THE ALL-STAR COSTS AND EXPENSES - The All Star team cost, Team fees,  and travel expenses will be kept down to a minimal level and we will work with everyone to make it a fair and inexpensive activity.

ALL-STAR SKILLS PRACTICE - Practice will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00pm - 8:00pm.  Please  call us at (727) 827-7885 for any further information.

For more information, please email Stephanie.

Tampa Bay All-Stars

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